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If you are born blind and have severe autism, your chances of living a “normal” life are slim.

But Derek Paravicini is a maestro with an innate talent that needed a nourishing environment (provided by his nanny) and some pruning (provided by his piano coach).

According to his TED bio, Derek taught himself to play the piano when he was four and gave his first concert when he was seven.

Not everyone is a savant. That is a genetic lottery.

Not everyone is given Derek’s opportunities. That is a shame.

We lock normal kids up in a schooling system designed largely to enculturate and industrialize. This is despite the opportunities and tools we have today to create an educational system that can nurture and individualize.

We have the keys to unlock genius and creativity. They are not as fiddly and difficult to use as before. Yet we let fear and ignorance hold us back.

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… You left a piano on a sidewalk in New York and observed what happened?

You would get to tell a story.

You would gain some insights into the human psyche.

What if you put the story online?

You would share the story widely.

You would get your share of the supportive, sympathetic, and the snide.

And the same thing would happen if you share educational resources openly.

Since I am in the land of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, I thought it would be appreciate to share the most recent music video by The Piano Guys.

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