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This is another title phrased as a question that follows the Betteridge Law of headlines.

No, most personality tests do not mean anything. Watch this video for a quick low down on why.

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There is no value in knowing what kind of sandwich you are or which house in the Harry Potter world you belong to. That is, unless you really are into sandwiches or Harry Potter.

Even then there is little value, if any, in how these affect you in life. It is not as if being a BLT or Slytherin make you a better or worse person, determine your career, or predict how well you are going to do in life.

One of the more “official” sounding tests, the Myers-Briggs, is used by some organisations to select and sort people. They do this with a personality inventory that is neither valid nor reliable. The inventory also lumps people into absolute categories instead of recognising contexts and using a spectrum. The video provides succinct information on these issues.

The larger harm of not questioning such tests and inventories is the blind acceptance of a label stuck on you.

In the schooling and education worlds, some equally harmful labels are being a digital native/immigrant or a visual/auditory/kinaesthetic learner. I provide curated links that debunk the myths of each set.

Most personality tests have no worth because they do not determine your worth. Neither do labels of your tech-savviness based on when you were born or your supposed learning style.

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