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Today is my last day as a faculty member of NIE. I will no longer be able to use my business cards other than as an image for this blog entry or a building material for a house of cards.

I get asked the same questions about my departure, so I present them along with my answers. If I am short of time or do not want to talk to someone, I can refer them to my blog or ask them to Google it.

Actually, no. The frequently asked questions and my repeated answers are more concise here. It will take you all of one minute to read (or zero time to ignore) as opposed to having an hour-long conversation with me.

Why are you leaving NIE?
You must be new to my blog. I outlined the push and pull factors in May.

What are you going to do next?
I am giving myself a well-earned break first. I have been working full tilt over the last few years without a real and proper break, so I need to remind myself what the smell of roses is like.

I meant: What work are you going to do next?
Answer 1: Not much. I take my rest seriously.

Answer 2: My rest involves binge learning, home repairs, and focusing on what is important, e.g., my family. It is quite a bit of work really.

Will you just answer the question?
I never just answer a question. Good questions drive learning, not answers.

That said, I will pique your curiosity further by saying that I plan on being an ETC (Education and Technology Consultant) till around the end of the year. I have already started working with schools, polytechnics, private institutions, and other organizations.

So you have not looked for another job as a lecturer, professor, or director of some group?
No, I really have not.

But I have been headhunted and courted by a few groups. It is flattering, but I have said no or concluded that the fit was not good.

Are you crazy?
A little bit.

Are you crazy?

I am not crazy. Why do you think that?
You seem to have an over-fascination with conventional work. There is more to life than that.

So you will still do something in education then?
Yes. I also want to do something TO education in whatever small way I can. If people want to pay me to do this, all the better.

Are you really leaving?
Yes. Pay attention!

I am at a loss for words. I do not know what to say.
How about you stop asking me these questions?

I just thought of one final question. Do you have any advice for me?
Yes. Change: Embrace it, ride it, manage it.

And I will see you around. I might be back to bug you sooner than you know it.

July 31st is my last day as a faculty member of NIE. Before I leave, I have some parting words for members of my work family, the Centre for e-Learning.

You have started experiencing the changes that typically happen with the change in leadership. The pains are normal. Here are three tips to deal with it.

  1. Do not complain. Do something productive about it. Complaining gets you nowhere and demoralizes you and those around you.
  2. Help yourself by helping others. By this I mean two things: Take the perspective of others when you need their help. Then work towards a purpose larger than yourself.
  3. If you must (eventually) leave, do so with no regrets. Do not stay and implement half measures. Know that you have done your best so that you never have to say “I wish I had…”.

P. S. This is not goodbye. I am quite sure that it is more like see you later. 😉

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