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I like using Google Sites. They are open almost by default and I can embed just about any tool for teaching and learning. This is true for the classic and current versions of Google Sites.

The ability to embed, say, a Padlet was not a given when the new version rolled out. Content and tools were restricted to the Google Classroom or Drive suites. Thankfully that has changed given how educators who wish to incorporate technology are brand agnostic*.

*I type this on a Mac for a reflection posted on WordPress about a tool Google bought and redeveloped.

However, there is still one change that the classic version of Google Sites had that the new version does not — page level permissions.

Google Sites access permission.

I can selectively share an entire site with a group or users or open it to all. This is a site-level permission setting. I still cannot specific page level permissions.

One enterprising user suggested a workaround — embedding user-specific Google Docs in a page, but this is not as good as providing fully fledged editing rights.

It has taken me a month into 2015 to change two things in my social media presence.

First, I have updated my Twitter profile. I used to mention that I was the Head of the Centre for e-Learning. Proud as I am of what I was and did, that is the past.

Now I merrily proclaim that:

I’m a child in an adult’s body wanting to show other adults how to educate with technology. Founding member of #edsg & member of TEDxSG Brain Trust.

This will invariably invite questions and comments both online and offline. It is also what I am and do.

Second, I am also doing something a bit different at my Presentations page. Not only am I providing some insights into why I designed a presentation a particular way, I intend to share some audience feedback if I have it.

I am not including all the feedback there though as doing this seems self-congratulatory. I will keep those as Twitter favourites, backchannel comments, or other feedback channel artefacts. Such encouragement serves as support for the glass stage on which speakers stand.

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