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I picked this comic out of several that Larry Cuban shared in a blog entry

At a superficial level, I get that he comic is supposed to be funny because of the role reversal. The traditional bully is now the bullied because the new bully is savvy enough to manipulate Facebook.

On a deeper level, Facebook? Really? The youth of today are not flocking to Facebook. Their parents and grandparents are. The comic is designed for the older reader and possibly prepared by an older writer.

It is one thing to connect with your audience, it is another to misrepresent a group you have your crosshairs trained on. Doing the latter perpetuates ignorance.

If you cannot REACH them, you cannot TEACH them. 

The lesson in teaching that I draw from this negative example is this: If you cannot REACH them, you cannot TEACH them. 

Being out of touch with your learners is surmountable — you can read, watch, listen, and learn. This takes effort. Staying out of touch with your students is easy — read and laugh at a comic because you do not question its premise.

Two days ago, I tweeted:

The article cited several examples of how Twitter the Company was out of touch with the users that made Twitter the Network.

The result of this was two numbers games. Twitter is not growing as quickly as it could and Wall Street is not happy. If the author of the article got his facts right, Twitter operated on a US$500 million loss last year. No wonder the numbers game worries Twitter.

Now what is the effect of teachers being out of touch with students? How do we measure its impact? How do we worry enough to act on this?

Those questions do not have easy and obvious answers. We have more than Wall Street to answer to and I would guess that $500 million is a mere drop when compared this impact.

Do teachers know or care that they might be out of touch with students?

Do they realise that the larger system does not operate on textbook answers, worksheets, and end of year examinations?

Do they question what they do and seek answers to get back in touch?


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