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If I bothered to search my blog archive, I could find out exactly how many times I have featured OK Go for my occasional series on process and product.

Video source

This product was OK Go’s latest music video. It was a little over four seconds slowed down to play over four minutes and featured coloured salt.

Video source

Like most behind-the-scenes insights, the next nitty-gritty video is not going to get as many views as the polished music video.

The almost needless reminder is how often people value the product over the process. If they want to be entertained, they have every right to focus on the product. But if they want to learn or gain an appreciation of the hard work, they need to get insights into the process.

In schooling, the principle that transfers is grades, scores, or certificates as products, and feedback, reflection, and revision as processes. The products are obvious, but the processes are not.

However, the processes in schooling and education are arguably more important than the products. A child can be drilled and pushed into getting As for tests or s/he can learn how be resilient, reflective, and independent.

The first set of methods tends to be formulaic, driven by shortcuts, and relatively easy. The second set, driven by character, attitudes, and values, takes time and is difficult. The first sets a child up for the test of school; the second for the test of life.

Which would you rather have? Decide. OK, go.

This week I thought I should catch up on some notes that we scrolling further and further down my list. The first five are peripheral lessons or reminders from YouTube videos.

Video source
OK Go is one of my favourite bands because they embody innovation. Their latest effort involved being weightless. This is what it looks like.

Video source
Like most online productions, OK Go has a brief behind-the-scenes video to provide some insight into the inspiration and perspiration of their work.

I normally highlight how this is a perfect example of product and process. I also harp on how this should be the thinking and method of maintaining an e-portfolio.

Instead of giving people rules to follow, I would show them these two videos and ask them what e-portfolio values and mindsets might be. Some patterns would emerge, as would some unexpected answers. Most are likely to be valid and there would be more crowdsourced principles than one person could come up with.

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