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OK Go is known for their snazzy and visually impressive music videos. One of my favourites the Rube Goldberg one, This Too Shall Pass.

At the height of the current pandemic, they released a relatively low-key video done in the form that is now the norm for physical distancing.

Video source

Their most recent one is a variation of that video. It is not as visually captivating as their usual fare and it is similar to anyone who has seen videos of “virtual” choir/band collaborations.

However, it is a poignant message that we can be alone together. In doing that, we might realise that we are not alone or isolated if we leverage on technologies to reach and teach.

Here is a blast from the past.

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It is one of OK Go’s early music videos, Here It Goes Again. How early? The video was uploaded on 27 Feb 2009, but its IMDB page says that the original video debuted on 31 July 2006.

When I watch a video like this, I am not only entertained, I am also informed. I wonder how much effort it took to choreograph and shoot the sequence. According to the same IMDB writeup, it took 17 attempts to get the latter right.

I am not only interested in the product. I am just as interested in the processes behind it. The processes make me appreciate the product more. Should we not be doing the same in schooling and education?

Video source

OK Go is a group that never seems to sit still and is always pushing creative boundaries.

This is their latest music video. It’s not as impressive as their Rube Goldberg machine-inspired video (below), but it’s inspiring nonetheless.

Video source

Video source

This is OK Go‘s latest music video and it features a Rube Goldberg machine that is so elaborate that it outshines the ones by Honda and Guinness.

It’s creativity and hard work in action!

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