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I meant to use a Swivl device to record today’s video. But when I tried to use it in my office on Saturday, neither the swivelling base nor the infrared device would switch on.

So I resorted to using my iPhone and blu tack to record the video. I edited the clips and uploaded the video to YouTube with the iMovie app.

I am video recording my CeL office as a keepsake. It was like my second home for four years.

Visitors often comment on a couple of things on my office walls and I explain why I have one in particular. That item is the spiral of photos collected over ten years to remind me of my mission in life.

The video is a bit longer than the ones I usually make. But I hope you gain some insights into the mind of a slightly crazy person.

How often do you get a Bonk at the office? How about blogging about it?

Yes, I am referring to Curt Bonk.

Curt is an all round nice guy who flies around the globe to do conferences, give talks, meet up with former graduate students (he was on my dissertation committee), etc. It was great to see him in Singapore!

But I could not have been more unprepared to welcome him to my office. I did not know that he was dropping by and I was packing to move to my new one. I had boxes everywhere but I think my office still looked better than those of some people I know!

It was a good thing I had not taken the stuff off my door or we would have just posed with a lot of cardboard boxes!

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There are some stresses in life that are more stressful than others. Moving is one of them.

About four years ago, I moved from the USA back to Singapore for work. Shortly after that, I moved from the eastern part of the island to the western part to cut down on travel time to my workplace.

In preparation to take over as head of the Centre for eLearning (CeL) this July, I have just moved from my old office to my new one. The latest move barely compares to the cross-continent and cross-island moves, but it has been a harried few days.

I have had to balance the handing over processes with editing proposal papers, preparing presentations and attending more meetings/functions than I’d normally gauge as productive. I’m getting a running start all right!

When I do get the chance, I am in my new office. I love my new view of the secondary rainforest around campus. But I reason that if I am to spend up to a third of my day in it, it should feel more like home and less like work. So I have spent 30min here or an hour there to spruce it up. Here is a look at my work-in-progress cosy corner.

It’s spartan for now. But a guest or two or a visit from my wife and son will cheer things up considerably!


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