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We were honoured to have Dr Seah-Tay Hui Yong of Nanyang Girls High School (NYGH) to present a short keynote and share at a concurrent session at e-Fiesta 2012.

NYGH is one of several schools in Singapore that have adopted the iPad as a learning tool. It is one of very few (or perhaps the only one) that has a long term pedagogical plan and vision where the iPads are concerned.

I think that the plan stems from two underlying beliefs. First, to paraphrase what Hui Yong shared: We are trying to educate 21st century learners with 20th century teachers in 19th century classrooms. Outdated strategies constrained by outdated environments do not make for progressive and relevant education.

That is why she shared the vision of what the classroom might look like.

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The second belief is that teachers need to question how and why they teach. Hui Yong mentioned that she wanted to create an environment where the teacher did not know where to stand. A classroom where there is no single central focus is one way to do that.

I would take that statement a bit further. I would create conditions where the teacher would not even know what to do at first. The teacher would then have to be a learner or co-learner. The teacher would have to relearn how to teach or how NOT to teach in order that students learn.


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