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I received my second Pfizer-BioNTec shot on Friday. While seated in the waiting area, I was reminded of two three gaps.

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First, our schooling and education needs to teach learners of all ages a form of public speaking. This is not the sage-on-the-stage speaking but the speak-at-considerate-volume when in a shared space.

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Second, some people are going to ignore these lessons because they are selfish. So makers of noise-cancelling headphones could update their devices to specifically be voice-cancelling.

Third, and written after I initially had just two thoughts, the WordPress mobile app needs to provide automatic attributions to images by Pexels. When I drafted this reflection on the app, the images above were included sans credit. I had to re-add the images on the desktop application for the attributions to appear.

Just sayin’.

I am not sure why this memory from 20-plus years ago resurfaced.

I remembered a phone call with a friend who said that her grandfather was “more hip” than she was because he knew all the “nooks and crannies at Orchard Road”. Thanks to a lapse in attention, I misheard the message as he “looks for grannies at Orchard Road”. Hip indeed!

Some leaders mistake communication for dissemination of information. Simply transmitting is not enough. It is just as important to clarify the signal from the noise.

When consulted on systemic change, I focus on the need to articulate messages and stories. When you articulate, you connect, move, and get feedback. You do not stop at buy-in; you try to create ownership.

Almost silence is pretty good as well.

You do not realize how noisy a place can be until you have lived some place quiet. Ever since returning to Singapore seven years ago, I still cannot get over how noisy this place is.

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According to Gizmodo, this noise-cancelling device is in a contest for innovative products.

Whether or not it wins, I hope it gets mass marketed. I will buy several!


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