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I have no doubt that someone will watch this video by Nintendo and label it an example of the maker movement.

Video source

It is not. Needing to assemble something does not make the process of making.

Following instructions to arrive at a model answer or artefact is using a recipe. There was no creative customising or critical hacking. There was no self-direction or agency. There was little, if any, problem-seeking, planning, or problem-solving.


You’ve got to admire the initiative of this kid. And I guess that is another reason why they are called NintenDO and not NintenDON’T.

A few years ago, I asked HP and Apple to collaborate with us at the MxL. There was a lot of talk and no action. In the end, a local company, iCell, chipped in. (In the wise words of Yoda: Do, there is no try.)

Maybe I should revert to handwriting a letter to tech companies! Google Edu, you are on my list. The only problem is I don’t know how to get in touch with Google by phone or snail mail!

[image source, used under CC licence]

Gizmodo reported that the McDonald’s group in Japan would begin training employees with the Nintendo DS. Chris Dawson at ZDnet asked: Nintendo hardware in the classroom? Why not?

Why not indeed! I see these as two emergent trends combining as one: The rise of mobile computing/learning devices and gaming as a strategy for training and learning. It is not unusual for me to read a tweet, RSS feed or Facebook wall posting on something like this every other day. I look forward to the day that this “news” becomes “olds”.

What is exciting news for now is what Nintendo’s game guru, Shigeru Miyamoto, said in an AP interview [CBS link]:

Could Nintendo’s Mario be swapping his world of magic mushrooms and ravenous dinosaurs for the staid confines of the classroom?

The man behind the massively popular video game franchise thinks so, saying he’s working hard to turn Nintendo Co.’s brand of handheld consoles into educational aids and teaching tools.

“That is maybe the area where I am devoting myself (the) most,” Japanese video game guru Shigeru Miyamoto told The Associated Press in an interview.

His ideas are set to take root in Japan, but this is one Japanese invasion I would actually look forward to!

In the meantime, I am currently reading:

Thanks to Twitter, I found out that Nintendo is planning a new school edition of the DS.

The package is called the Nintendo Classroom and it “features no new hardware, but instead consists of a package of several handhelds, a PC and newly developed educational software for the DS”. The plan is to release it in Japan next February and possibly elsewhere thereafter.

Sounds interesting! I’m keeping a close watch on this and will request for a package for the MxL if it wanders beyond the shores of Japan.

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