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If I widened my social media circles, I would probably meet people who think that the restrictions for the lunar new year are unreasonable. I find these people unreasonable, i.e., they cannot be reasoned with.

If they were reasonable, they might realise that they are focusing on what they want (to do as they wish) instead of what they need (to participate in the collective effort of public health and safety).

If they were reasonable, they would think about the long-term benefits of social precautions instead of the short-term benefits of selfish behaviours.

As usual, I turn to connections in edtech. Administrators might want to meet technology quotas, but they need to determine if the technology implementations are effective. Teachers might want to use technology to fulfil a mandate, but they need to focus on how technology enables learning instead.

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I need to be on WhatsApp, I do not want to be on it. This is the message that greets anyone who is interested in visiting my profile there.

My WhatsApp profile.

Likewise, I need to be on Facebook, but I do not want to be. My last post there was actually an automated one from my blog in 2015.

My last FB post was in 2015.

I use WhatsApp and Facebook only because so many people are already on it. I rely on WhatsApp for the occasional chat and I use Facebook like a passport to access a few linked services.

Both platforms are too noisy for my liking. But I have tamed WhatsApp to the point that it no longer harasses me and have starved Facebook of information. I do this because I am information literate — I don’t just know things, I do something about it.

If there is a leak of my information or a break in my sanity, I cannot just blame the tools. I would not blame an open window or entry; I shut the blinds and lock the door.

The headlines highlighted in this tweet are why we need:

  • science and experts.
  • to be information and media literate.
  • to follow entities outside our bubbles.

Forbes and NASA have experts that are good at what they do. Both provided commentary on a shared observation. Only one was actually informative — NASA.

If we were information and media literate — collectively digitally literate — we would be skeptical of Forbes’ report and know how to investigate the issue. We would then find NASA’s version of the event and we would be able to evaluate what we find.

Operating outside our bubbles allows us to see what others see. Operate in the Forbes or entertainment bubble and we see only mystery or ignorance. Operate in the scientific bubble and we see more factual information.

That said, I follow You Had One Job on Twitter because it is funny. It is also provocative in that it helps me make critical connections. So while being digitally literate and sourcing expertise are important, it helps to first operate outside one’s bubble.

I am too tired to write a long entry today after two days of attending a conference. But I will reflect on one standard that has won me some fans and perhaps lost me some.

I will not let a bad idea stand.

I will be as polite as possible, but if someone stands up (or sits down) and says he or she does not have an educational background BUT still wants to offer advice to educators, I will take that person down if that statement is harmful.

I know that people want to hear things they already agree with or buzzwords that roll nicely off the tongue and resonate with eardrums. People do not want to see disagreement or dissonance. However, discomfort is exactly how we learn.

If we hear something we already know or believe in, we learn nothing. What we already know or believe in is merely reinforced. That is why I would rather let you know what you need to hear.

You might need to know that you do not understand an educational concept. You might need to know that what you are doing does more harm than good in the long run. You might need to know that you are wasting taxpayer money or wasting people’s time.

I need to do this if no one else will. I am not just an educator, I am also a watchdog. I will match my bark with my bite.

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