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I’ll admit that I did not know what this year’s National Day Parade theme song (above) was because I don’t watch MediaCrap/MediocreCorp TV. I listened to and watched mrbrown’s remix first as soon as it was released (below) and then decided to look for the original.

Video source

I highlight these videos not to weigh in on “matters of national importance” but on one effect of Web 2.0. It’s largely about remixing what you find. This has already begun to challenge our notions of copyright, plagiarism, and intellectual property amongst other things.

The traditional way of doing things when “standing on the shoulders of giants” is to cite them. There’s nothing wrong with that. The Web 2.0 way of doing things is to mash things up, i.e., incorporating the work of others before you, and letting the Web denizens decide its worth. There is a certain transparency, democracy and even savagery in the latter process when the crowd critiques your work. I think that it is no less rigorous than being grilled by experts.

The other thing that struck me about the difference between the two videos was how, to date, the few-men show has garnered more views than the officially-backed version. Experts (specially chosen committees) don’t necessarily know what the people want to watch. People on the ground do.

Experts don’t necessarily make the best decisions too. After all, some committee or other decided that this year’s NDP theme should be “Come Together”. And the people on the ground sniggered.


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