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I detest people who put others down in order to lift themselves up. They do so because they are insecure about themselves.

Such people might seek reputation and will not hesitate to name drop. Perhaps they think that they will get someone else’s glory by association. It is important to know good people, but it is more important to be a good person and build your own self worth.

Others might seek status by artificially putting their counterparts down. Perhaps they think that their age or position automatically gives them authority. But as I pointed out yesterday, authority is not a sign of expertise.

These insecure folk are also not self-aware. This means they do not know that they rub people the wrong way nor know why people prefer not to work with them.

The tonic for dealing with this condition is regular doses of humble pie. The problem is that they do not know what it is or do not like its taste.

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I gave up my domain name recently. I had been paying for it for several years, but it probably served my vanity more than anything else.

In that time, I discovered that my online artefacts are found by Google searches or curated lists. Once people find those they then find me. So maintaining the vanity URL— something I did after HTML became a thing — became a waste of money.

I might change my mind in a few years. Then again, maybe not.

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Most modern wifi routers or access points (APs) allow you to specify at least two hotspots: One for the 2.4GHz spectrum and another for the 5GHz spectrum.

Smok’d Window by Diego3336, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Diego3336 

I use my hotspot names to send social messages to my neighbours. To someone upstairs who smoked indiscriminately, I have one AP set to StopSmokingOutYourWindow.

This might seem passive-aggressive, but it seems to have worked because I no longer smell second-hand smoke late at night. That or the smoker might have died from lung cancer.

No running with fish, no smelly fish, no by waldopepper, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License   by  waldopepper 

To a lady downstairs who prepares an assortment of agonizingly smelly fish every day over a charcoal fire, I direct AuntieYourFishStinksUpOurHome.

I have only just started this second message. Old auntie might not realize that her method of cooking is dangerous when done indoors. She is equally unlikely to surf while she stinks, but her younger flatmates might get the message.

If anyone tells me to be more tolerant, I invite them to stay in my apartment. The smell slaps me awake in the morning, sticks to the laundry and other fabrics, and is nauseating. Someone needs to stop or otherwise compensate me for sleep deprivation, the cost of rewashing clothes, and buying Febreeze. Lots of Febreeze.

The smell is so bad that one of the occupants downstairs walked up and apologized to me on her own accord. Once.

My router allows me to set up even more hotspot names should I need temporary ones for guests. Maybe I should spread some short socially-conscious messages like:

  • DoNotAnyhowlyBurnIncensePaper
  • MyGateNotXmasTreeForYourFlyers
  • VoidDeckNotShoppingCartLot
  • YourKaraokeNotOK
  • NotNormalForKidToScreamSoMuch
  • NeedAPriestCall1800ScrewBlessYou
092/365 - And I Shall Call it a “Spade by djwtwo, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  djwtwo 

I call a spade a spade. This is not because I anal retentive (I am) or suffering from prematurely curmudgeonliness (I might be), but because I bother to find out what words mean.

When I read a perspective on Microsoft’s surface computing device, I agreed with the sentiment that “we march backwards into the future”. Often efforts at “change” are merely attempts to hold on to what is instead of letting go in order to get at what could be. It is baggage that we hang on to for comfort’s sake.

I also agreed with that blogger’s perspective that mobile learning is an opportunity to try new things instead of rehashing the efforts and mistakes of e-learning.

What I did not agree with might seem a trivial matter. The blogger called the Microsoft device a “tablet” instead of a “slate”.

Microsoft came up with the first modern tablet PC about 12 years ago and it came with a keyboard. Slates followed after and came with styli and software (onscreen) keyboards. So the iPad and other “tablets” that we have today are actually slates.

This may seem a trivial matter if the use of “tablet” becomes more popular than “slate”. But just because everyone uses the term does not make it right.

It is important to know what words mean because they might indicate what you believe in.

Take “curriculum” for example. If you dig into the Latin roots of the word, you learn that curriculum also means race or the act of running. If you know this, you might realize why teachers and students are always so breathless.

You might also choose not to use that word. I refuse to use it unless I am designing a race. I prefer to create maps for journeys or treasure hunts. No one wins, no one loses. Everyone discovers.

Likewise, “education” has several roots. One is “to draw out from” or “to bring out”. I prefer that definition to talking (down) to, filling up with, or even teaching. I definitely do not like lecturing.

For me, educating means drawing out what a learner already knows, building on that, and leading to greater discovery.

What is in a name? A lot, if you bother to find out.

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