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Ooh, a demo of surface computing using the Touch Pack.

Video source

The screen had an LED array, much like the prototype that we have at the MxL. Sadly, we do not have the support or momentum to develop it further.

Surface computing aka multitouch has already started to establish itself. This time it is with an educational game. Make that “educational” game.


I am all for integrating technology meaningfully, so I have to ask: Wouldn’t the kids be able to do the same thing with pieces of paper or blocks?

I do not actively go out looking for surface computing news. The information comes to me!

The latest is from Gizmodo about groups from Germany and the US teaming up to create physical controls for multitouch surface computing.

Original source: Don’t miss the video there of objects like the keyboard, knob, and slider in use!

Here is a YouTube video of their demonstration at the Tangible Embedded Interaction Conference 2009

Will someone please marry BumpTop and a low-cost surface computing surface already?

Hey, we might do just that at the MxL!

One of the things we demonstrated at the MxL again this semester was our prototype multitouch surface. Our aim is to collaborate with schools and other partners to create low-cost versions of these devices for schools.

Here is another proof of concept of the low-cost model by Maximum PC. The video is a tad long and demonstrates the technical capabilities of the surface computer. The interesting bits are at the end when various tools such as photos, videos, and a virtual keyboard come into play.

I have always viewed this tool as a collaborative one.

Imagine four users collaborating to create a video project. One is the main editor, another searches for photos, another looks for or creates background music, and still another Googles for information and puts a script together. Or imagine a group drafting a song with one person each for the keyboard, drums, notes, and lyrics. They can do all this on one surface instead of on separate systems.

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