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Think multitouch with your fingers on the iPad is impressive? See what can happen when you combine touch and pen input!

If you want one, Instructables offers a tutorial on how to build your own multitouch computer (sans pen).

Sigh! And to think that we had a multitouch prototype at the MxL that we abandoned due to a lack of support (my previous multitouch blog entries).

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I’ve written about BumpTop before and it is in the news again. This time there is a Mac version. Oh, joy!

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I no longer dabble with multitouch/surface computing, but I continue to admire the efforts of those who do!

Ideum’s video showcases a fair bit of exploratory work. But I can see the surface computer used to greater effect for collaborative learning!

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I no longer have the resources, support or energy to develop our multitouch surface prototype at the MxL.

But I am glad that others like 10/Gui are developing solutions for what is the not-too-distant future of human-computer interaction. Don’t believe me? Check out what companies like HP and Sony are up to in this TechCrunch article.

What would I learn without RSS? Very little! RSS is one of my personal PD (professional development) tools and with it I learn or get something reinforced every day!

One blog I follow is Chris Dawson’s. He recently asked how important is 1:1 to literacy? He doesn’t have all the answers (no one does), but he asks some pretty good questions. He has a follow-up today on getting your teachers started with 1:1.

On his blog today was a feature on virtual autopsies via surface computing. Another of my favourites! Surface computing, that is, not autopsies! Alas, I have practically abandoned my efforts in surface computing due to a lack of support.

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I think that surface computing is not only more intuitive, it also promotes other literacies because you must be able to manage, manipulate and create with digital media. These might include the interpretation of various types of images or the creation of videos or screencasts to illustrate ideas and processes.

I wrote about BumpTop in April. It is in the news again now that Windows 7 nears release.

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I was excited about the possibilities BumpTop offered then and am more excited about it now. The iPhone and the iPod Touch transformed the way we interacted with mobile devices. I think that BumpTop (or something like it) will do the same thing for the way we interact with current computers.

I’ve blogged about multitouch surfaces before. Now here is a link to a video that reveals how surface technology is being used in intelligence agencies, medicine, air-traffic control, crime management, etc.

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