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I attended the MOE Workplan Seminar 2008 this morning. This seminar is held once a year, typically for the Education Minister to reflect on the past year and to shed some light on the path ahead.

You should be able to see a press release or a copy of the speech soon. I had intended to blog the event ‘live’ but met up with a few old friends there and got distracted!

There was lots to be said of course. But one thing struck a chord. The Minister described how he had visited schools to solicit feedback from schools. In summarising one of his findings, he mentioned how some principals and teachers had indicated that they hoped to implement changes so that children would “enjoy coming to school” and “learning by play”. That is a tall order and one that seems to be coming from the sample of schools he visited and not from MOE HQ.

Might this be the “Welcome!” doormat for educational gaming? I’ll take my fingers off the Wiimote for just long enough to keep my fingers crossed!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the precursor to Master Plan 3 (MP III): MOE announces 6-year plan to boost ICT in classrooms.

Yes, I did notice that the URL says 5-year plan while the headline and content said 6-year plan.

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