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This is sad and upsetting. A reputable YouTube channel that focuses on science education had to appeal to viewers to favour “facts over clicks”.

Why? The producers of that channel did the hard work of reporting science as responsibly as they could. Others simply gamed YouTube algorithms and put views over standards.

The problem with the latter group is that its viewers are more likely to get quick fixes and wrong ideas. This perpetuates shortcuts and misinformation.

But I am glad that the responsible channel did the right thing by calling bad behaviour out. It also put out a call to action — support channels that do the right thing and not the popular thing.

The right thing is not just responsible, it is informative too. For example, did you know that N95 masks operate like spider webs instead of sieves when capturing particles?

Video source

The responsible channel might rely on stick figures to educate, but that does not mean that it is low in quality. Quite the opposite. Consider its strategy to create cognitive dissonance first instead of presenting all the information.
From Minute Physics: N95 masks catch large and small particles, but let some medium-sized particles through.
The dissonance was created by first telling us that both large and small particles are easily caught by an N95 mask. However, medium sized particles get through more easily. This makes you wonder why and puts questions before answers.
The quick fix is to just provide answers. The long game is to create cognitive dissonance first. This has the benefit of an anchor which serves as an emotional hook and a puzzle to solve.

The pedagogy is apparent in such a video. This takes skill and hard work. This is about placing questions before answers and facts before clicks. This is what good modern educators do.

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