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Jimmy Kimmel introduced an eight-year-old girl who scammed her way out of Zoom-based class.

That girl was not the first nor will she be the last to find ways to skip class be it in-person or online.

However, she was among the few who got on television because a talkshow host and/or his team thought it would be funny.

In the past, some folks might have sought 15 minutes of fame by design. Today it might be their 15 seconds of TikTok notoriety by accident.

The difference is the speed and method. But the outcome is the same: The fame/notoriety is a footnote in history or replaced with the next attention grabber. This is what happens when you celebrate mediocrity.

This is a tangential reminder not to reach for the low-hanging fruit in teaching. Merely enhancing lessons with technology to grab attention is mediocre compared to the more difficult but also more effective work of enabling learning.


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