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I have been using web-based email applications exclusively for the last seven years as an education consultant. I did not have a choice as I no longer had access to corporate or exchange-based email like MS Outlook.

But I recently moved back to a dedicated email application, Mail on macOS Monterey, because it promised greater privacy and security. For example, one setting allows me to deactivate the tracking dots or images that some senders include in their email.

Another benefit of using a standalone email application is that I can receive and send email from separate accounts in one spot. Most online email apps also support this function, but I have found this to be unreliable at times.

For example, one parter I work with requires me to change my password regularly. Every time I do this, I update the password on my online email app. However, email does not get through and it can take weeks before I notice.

There is one feature I miss from an online email client like Gmail. It is the ability to schedule the sending of emails. I can carefully compose messages in advance and time them for release later. This used to be a Gmail add-on, but it eventually became a core feature.

So every now and then I return to Gmail to schedule emails. Monterey promises to have Mail extensions, but I have yet to see a scheduler. All in good time I suppose.


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