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One of the advantages of creating digital artefacts is how easy they are to retrieve. Something made me look back at a CeL-Ed video I made while on vacation.

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I had asked my son how he thought school might be more interesting and he wished that he was allowed to bring his own iPad to school. He added that practically all his books could be housed in one device.

Here is the low-hanging fruit. I replied that his school bag would not be as heavy if he was allowed to use e-books.

That is the obvious and simplistic response. I wanted to say more than that, but was keeping in mind our CeL-Ed design to create short clips.

But a blog like this allows for longer form.

I could have argued how iPads could be a tool for positive disruption to challenge the notions of who has information, how to access it, and how teachers might teach in such an environment.

I could have mentioned how the adoption of mobile tools or platforms could signal a shift in mindset.

If I did, I think my son might not have understood everything I said, but he would have agreed with the principle of pushing change for the better.

If I did, I think quite a few teachers would have understood, but sadly would not have agreed with the need to change.

That is why I prefer to facilitate practically all my workshops or courses with game-based learning. It creates cognitive dissonance and breaks old mental models down.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? So the first thing I do is try to break an old mindset or show them how broken it already is.


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