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I am going off on a tangent from a tweet and an article.

I do not yearn for human interaction, particularly the ill-defined, non-functional, or pointless sort.

I am enjoying the COVID-19 lock down because I interact with the ones that matter most, i.e., my immediate family, close friends, or key collaborators. I do this with enabling technologies like the phone and email.

Do not get me wrong. I value face-to-face interactions when they matter.

Before COVID-19 (BC19), I would ask to meet face-to-face if the immediacy of interaction or the earnestness of conversation was key to effective communication.

BC19, I was asked if I could conduct my already-in-progress course online instead. I pointed out that it was designed for classroom and studio interaction, so a complete redesign had to be part of that conversation.

But I can also think of “human interactions” that are demoralising or burdensome. Consider the top-down meetings that turn into monologues. This happens whether they happen offline and online.

BC19, inconsiderate people would gather and talk late into the night in a large grassy area beside my apartment building. Earlier in the evenings, dog owners and their illegally unleashed pets socialise with their kin and create a din of shouts and yelps.

But now I enjoy a quiet of the neighbourhood because people cannot amplify their idle chat past midnight or use a public space as a dog run. I do not look forward to things returning to normal post-lockdown.

My point is this: “Human interaction” defies simple definition. It is also not automatically good or universally yearned.

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