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In the YouTube video below, John Green told a story about two former Liverpool goalkeepers.

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Ever the masterful storyteller, Green highlighted how one goalkeeper took some advice, applied an unconventional strategy of another goalkeeper, and helped his team win the Champions League. He did this despite establishing his own method after honing his craft over countless practice sessions and matches.

One might argue that the goalkeeper could have stuck with his old habits and he might still have won his team the match. Perhaps, but likely not. The odds are stacked against goalkeepers in penalty shootouts. You see more goals scored than goals saved at the highest levels of football.

Something similar could be said about teachers and teaching. Their practice is also honed over a long time and often their habits are based on how they were previously taught. It is uncomfortably difficult to operate outside this box.

The thing is that teachers will not know if a new and uncomfortable method will work until they are brave enough to risk a difference.

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