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An issue that some Singaporeans keep revisiting is whether schools should start later so that children get enough sleep.

Just over a week ago, I reflected on how adults maintain the status quo (early starts) by focusing on what is NOT best for kids.

Yesterday, another adult wrote to a local rag to add more kerosene to the flame.

The writer’s rationale is that waking very early is good for kids because it instills discipline.

He is missing the point. The issue is not about discipline because there are many other ways to develop it — chores, exercise, self and time management strategies, for example.

The issue is that kids need to get enough sleep. Now this could mean that kids need to sleep early enough the night before and wake up late enough the day of school.

The current realities are that some kids here get so much homework and/or are subject to so much “enrichment” that they do not sleep early enough. If they live far away from school or take arranged transport, they cannot sleep in to compensate.

Insisting that discipline is a result of kids waking up early when their bodies are not sufficiently rested is 1) deflecting the issue, and 2) pretends to be about kids. Instead of using this flimsy excuse, proponents of this should read the research and impact of insufficient sleep and look into other ways of developing discipline.

This is something quote-worthy for parents and teachers alike.

To leave a better planet for our kids, we need to leave better kids for our planet..

This is a variation of a Googleable quote on the Internet.

What might be less easy to find is the wonderful photo shared under Creative Commons. I found it with the help of ImageCodr.

Most school leaders, curriculum planners, and teachers do not think to ask students about their education because they assume kids do not know any better.

Perhaps some kids do not. But that does not mean all of them have nothing worthwhile to say or cannot think outside themselves.

This was what one child wrote in a survey.

Kids may not do well in standardised tests because they do not have standardised minds (those that learn to think independently anyway).

And not all kids are selfish brats, as the video below illustrates.

Video source

If kids are unquestioning or selfish, it is because we have taught them so. We teach these lessons and values to them intentionally and unintentionally.

We underestimate kids at our peril. They are capable of more than we give them credit for. If we watch and listen to them closely, we might learn a thing or two about what it means to be decent human beings.

Video source

Kids say the darndest, funniest, and most insightful things. So why not ask them what they think social media is?

When I read this ST forum letter, I thought how one might change references to “the public” to “our learners” and the spirit of the letter would be mostly intact.

There would be one major difference though. While the public gave voice to their concerns, our learners are more passive.

But they are crying out for change. It’s just that not many of us are listening and taking action.

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