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Earlier this week, The Verge was one of many news sources to report that YouTube was going to link conspiracy theory videos to Wikipedia content as a fact checking measure.

Wikipedia confirmed in an official statement that YouTube did not tell Wikipedia about this move. This led at least one observer to remark “relying on the free labor of others is precisely how this whole game works”.

My observation is that this is just like how journals rely on university faculty to write articles for free, get other faculty to review them for free, then sell the published articles back to both sets on universities for exorbitant fees.

Why on earth do some of the smartest people on earth allow this to happen? Inertia. If schools move like molasses, universities progress like glaciers.

However, there is hope. Not only are open journals part of the Open Educational Resources movement, some academics are kicking back, as they should!

If you give away your work openly for free, then that is being generous. If someone else makes money off your efforts, then they are unethical. If you keep letting that happen, then that is being stupid.

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