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John Krasinski is the writer and director of A Quiet Place Part II. He could also be a model of how to operate in a reflective place.

In reflecting on the processes behind the opening scene of his product, he addressed these questions:

  • How did they do it?
  • Why did you it that way?
  • What did you think about your effort?

These are questions that any learner crafting a reflection in a portfolio should ask. 

And here is a bonus at the end: Krasinski mentioned how a mistake at the end of the scene turned out to be a boon. The camera came loose in the action and accidentally zoomed in on his on-screen and real life wife, Emily Blunt. This created an unintended but desirable visual effect.

A few mistakes might turn good. Most are likely to be painful to recall and process. But these are the best way to learn.

John Krasinski is an actor from the USA. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he was inspired to focus on Some Good News (SGN) instead of the usual fare.

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His latest episode focused on how an online community sprung up from his initiative and offered a glimpse into what other SGNs shows looked like (start at this timestamp).

Krasinski’s efforts remind me of the importance of being open in education and empowering learners. Setting this expectation releases resources and ideas from the shackles of outdated policy and unnecessary administration. Giving permission provides learners and educators with the freedom and responsibility to create, share and learn.

If there is something I would like to emerge after the pandemic dust settles, it is mindsets and behaviours that showcase openness and empowerment. I bet that the joy and creativity that these unleash will help us deal with the next obstacle thrown our way.


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