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When should you trust your gut and when should you rely on your head?

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According to the research summarised in this video, gut feel is more likely to work when:

  • You have regular practice and clear feedback in your field
  • It involves a personal decision, not one necessarily applicable to or affecting others

Should you trust your gut feelings or instinct?

Video source

According to the research reviewed in this video, the answer is yes and no.

Yes, if the decision might have too many and complex variables for most people to process. This is a form of “fast” thinking that is an unconscious pattern recognition.

No, if the decision is a straightforward one or if it involves being empathetic to someone else. This is a form of “slow” thinking that is conscious and effortful.

I listen to my gut.

I think this is particularly important because, as I get older, the broad mind and the narrow body start exchanging places. So it becomes increasingly important to listen to my gut.

Right now it tells that it is almost time for lunch.

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