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Here is one thing I dislike about how local rags often write their headlines and tweets — their taglines are about one thing while their content is not.

Take the initial daily COVID-19 case reports, for instance. They often list the number of community and imported cases, but the articles do not actually tell you about the cases and are often reminders about safety measures [example].

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Another example is the video above about a possible review of Secondary 5 for what is currently the Normal (Academic) stream. The review is timely given how the new PSLE will stratify students differently and how polytechnics have through-trains.

Hidden from the title of the video was the news that two arts institutes are combining to offer an arts-specialised degree. A journalist asked if this was a relevant move given how those in the arts were not doing well now. The Education Minister countered by pointing out that modern jobs required people with wide ranges of experiences and interdisciplinary outlooks.

This video had a “hidden” message in that it was not indicated in the title. That second message was equally important. However, lazy titling, a lack of video splicing, and indiscriminate sharing did not do the message justice.

If I was still a full-time professor, I would probably be a member of the ungrading movement. This is the pushback against number and letter grades because these often obstruct learning.

As the visual in the tweet above illustrates, grading and current forms of assessment ignore what lies beneath. They are not designed for the long tail of learning or the less tangible aspects of learning.

This is why I work with organisations that have a more progressive stance on what counts as success. For example, with one institute the focus is on formative feedback and the course is pass/fail. In another group I work with, my modules have no required assessment — I can focus on what my students need in the short and long term. Both allow me to facilitate learning by diving into what is hidden from hurried and mechanical assessment procedures.


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