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I am not releasing a CeL-Ed Monday video today. I need to recover from the work that invariably follows a vacation.

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But like most folk, I look forward to the new year. I will not wish you a happy one because only you can make it so.

So here is willing you a happy new year whether or not you have minions to help you along!

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Thirteen year-old Logan LaPlante asked a simple but profound question: Why is being healthy and happy not considered (getting an) education?

To find out why he asked that question and why is it imperative that we collectively answer that question, watch the video!

His solution to get a healthy and happy education was to hack it. Not heck it. Hack it. To take control of it, to shape it to your interests and passions.

Perhaps a decade ago, it was difficult to do this without extensive means and deep pockets. Now many more can do this.

I predict that in my son’s lifetime, he will be able to answer the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question with the answer “Happy!”.

He will be able to do it and I will be there to help. The school system is not quite ready to help, but the wider educational system is.

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