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I opted to use Haiku Deck to create with this quotable quote on my iPad. Haiku Deck was an iPad-only app when it was first released but there is a web version now.

The app uses CC-licensed images which are just a search away. However, it does not yet embed the CC information.

I used Google reverse image search to find the source. In Chrome, this was as simple as right-clicking the image I created and selecting “Search Google for this image”.

Dewey’s quote resonated with me early. When I was a student teacher, I carried a hardcover notebook to jot down fleeting thoughts or juicy quotes from my instructors. I still have that notebook in a shelf.

When I was Ph.D. student looking to carve a niche for myself, I chose reflective blogging by preservice teachers. This was shaped by my predisposition to reflect, my habit of blogging, and my passion for teacher education.

I am no longer a classroom teacher nor am I a university-based teacher educator. But I keep this daily habit of reflective blogging up. Why? I think, therefore I blog. I reflect, therefore I learn.

I am pooped from conducting a workshop at NIE yesterday but looking for more “punishment” by conducting part two and three off site this week.

Here is what a video game-based learning workshop to teach self-directed, collaborative, and blended learning looks like.

And if you like pretty-looking things that might not have meaning for you, take a peek at my opening briefing. Slides created with Haiku Deck.

Slideshare source

I had been meaning to try Haiku Deck for a while but never found the need nor the inspiration.

But when the PSI hit 321 last night, I decided to give it a go.


This is “HAZE is a four-letter word“.

Four letters, five slides, and not really worth your time.

But for me it was better than just complaining about the annual event that gets everyone in Singapore talking.

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