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These are my final two videos of my visit to the Green School in Bali.

All videos were edited with iMovie 9 on a 13″ Macbook Pro. (All photos transferred to an iPad via Apple’s camera connection kit and edited with PhotoPad.)

Video source

Video source

It hit me yesterday the contrasts I observed in just two places in Bali.

My family and I were in Seminyak, and while it was not as touristy as Kuta, you couldn’t help but see the evidence of commercialization of this sleepy town.

While my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Balinese cuisine, our son’s palette was less seasoned. To motivate my son to walk around more, we visited a pancake place called Flapjacks for dinner one night. That eatery would not have been out of place in Manhattan, Toyko or Singapore. From the decor, food and the fake plastic meals on display, I assume the place was financed by a rich foreign entity.

The Green School was also the brainchild of a foreigner. But while both provided jobs and opportunities for locals, only the school had long term sustainability in mind.

Video source

Video source

All videos shot with a plain vanilla Canon IXUS 860 point-and-shoot.

Two more videos tomorrow.

I was impressed with the TED talk that John Hardy gave on the Green School. (I mentioned it briefly here.) So impressed that I decided to visit it earlier this week while on a family vacation in Bali. I think that it was the highlight of our trip!

Here are some snapshots and below some videos I took in an attempt to complete the picture.

Video source

Video source

Video source

More videos as soon as I can edit them!

BTW, our tour guide and educator at the school was Ben Macrory from New York. In our tour group were folks from Greece, Colombia, Vermont and, of course, Singapore.

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