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Gmail has been rolling out scheduled sends and replies.

I have relied on the Gmail add-on, Boomerang, for years to do this. The add-on would change my Gmail layout and interfere with rollover effects, but I liked the convenience of scheduling email.

Now the feature is baked into Gmail as a standard feature on both desktop and mobile, all without the janky Boomerang effects.

While some might point out the giant swallowing effect that Gmail will have on Boomerang, I reflect on how this plays out in larger systems.

Change agents do not always see their efforts pay off in the short term or even in their lifetimes. Their cumulative efforts work like water eroding and shaping rock over time.


I pin tabs in Chrome because the pinned sites reflect who I am and the work I do.

My first tab is to Gmail. This is my longer form and more official communication channel after I get initial messages via SMS, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Messenger, Hangouts, etc.

The second tab is Google Calendar. When someone makes an appointment, I set aside some quality time in my calendar. It helps me stay organised and pings me with reminders.

My third pinned tab is a recent tool, Google Keep. I keep reminders and to-do lists there. If I was an assassin, I would have a to-kill list there.

Just kidding, I would use a password-protected Apple Notes tab for that for security. I have this extra pinned tab in my Chromebook because everything else I have is macOS or iOS, and Notes is available as a standalone app on those platforms.

My next tab is Evernote. The company that made Evernote recently limited the app version to just two devices with free accounts, so I only use the app on my iPhone and iPad. All my other devices depend on the web version. I have this tab open right now because I draft blog entries in Evernote instead of WordPress.

The next two tabs are for information-gathering, reading, and sharing. I have Feedly (to manage and update my RSS subscriptions) and Tweetdeck (for Twitter streams). Currently I estimate that I process 300 articles via Feedly and at least 1000 tweets every day. I do not read every article and link because not everything is relevant or important. However, doing this helps me keep my finger on the pulse on what is important to me.

Last week some techie blogs lit up with the fact that Google was linking Google+ with Gmail. Gmail users received email notifications of this too.

At first I was undecided about this move. But now I am leaning towards it being a minus. No other social media platform does this. Then again, no other social media platform has a legitimate email system.

Maybe Google thinks email is dying. Maybe it simply wants to increase Google+ adoption the way it integrated of YouTube comments with Google+ comments.

But there was an accidental plus in that last move. I have my son in a Google+ Circle and I can monitor his comments in YouTube without trying.

My son enjoys watching YouTube videos and forms opinions quickly. But he is learning not-as-quickly to express himself critically yet nicely. The YouTube-Google+ comment integration helped me help him navigate the comment minefield.

So maybe the Gmail-Google+ integration is a minus. But it might also be a plus. It will clearly be that for Google. How this will benefit users in the long run remains to be explored and exploited.

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Gmail now allows you to unsend email should you choose to, so reports CNET. But you have to do this within five seconds of hitting send!

You can also preview YouTube, Flickr, and Picasa elements in Gmail!

I had a next-to-no Internet connection this evening. Thanks, StarHub!

When I finally got online, I discovered that Gmail now offers multiple inboxes. This is actually more useful than you might think!

I use different inboxes to sort email just as one might sort conventional mail like bills, greeting cards, etc.

Good news, everyone! (To quote Professor Farnsworth of Futurama fame.)

Here’s an announcement from the Gmail blog. If you use Gmail, you no longer need to download an attached PDF in order to open it. You can view it directly in your browser.

Then again, I already use Firefox and a plug-in to do this.

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