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A basic prerequisite of learning is attention. If the attention of students is not on an activity or an experience, they are unlikely to learn from it.

If they are not dedicating one or more sense-gathering processes, there is nothing to post-process. Put plainly, if students are not watching a video closely or listening carefully to instructions, they are unlikely to benefit from a learning activity.

Now that scenario presumes a teacher-led classroom. This is a fair assumption to make as most classrooms are designed for teaching. If they were designed for learning, students might be able to conduct independent work or use other resources to learn.

So back to attention.

When you want students to pay attention, you try your best to engage them. But if you want students to give attention, you need to empower them. Therein lies a fundamental difference between teaching that is largely delivery-oriented and facilitating from a meddler-in-the-middle.

This tweet made me wonder: When we have the capacity to help, do we look to the stars or keep your feet firmly planted on the ground?

With the little or much we have, how to we give back?

When you get, give.
When you learn, teach.

That quote has been attributed to Dr Maya Angelou. She speaks the truth.

Rearranging the words results in some other truths.

If you give, you get nothing in return or stabbed in the back or funny looks.

When you teach, you learn (the most). Before you teach, learn.

We should all learn how to teach by getting our learners to teach. Yeah, I see that funny look.


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