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Whenever I meet a new group of people, I can quickly gauge if my workshop or seminar will have a lasting change. There is something about them that reflects their mindset.

It is not the spring in their step or their punctuality as they walk into the room.

It is not the questions they raise or the comments they make during the time I spend with them.

It is not their level of involvement in the activities that I design for them.

All these matter, but they are not reliable or take time to emerge.

So what is my quick gauge of readiness to learn and to change?

Where possible, I communicate with organisers beforehand and ask them to tell participants to bring “Internet-connected devices” with them.

My quick gauge is how many bring and prefer to use their mobile phones. If most do, this means they are already very much like the learners they teach. This alone is a strong indication of their readiness to change and to learn.

It matters little if they are all punctual, candid, or active if they are also not possessing a mobile mindset. Such a mindset is current and connected. It is about taking ownership, being adaptable, and using what you have in hand.

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