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Yesterday, STonline highlighted six stories that broke on social media before other media outlets picked up on them.

The writer declared: What is clear from these impactful social media stories is that whatever happens online could lead to serious real life consequences.

That is putting things backwards.

What should be clearer is that these events started with real life and its consequences. Social media was part of real life and its consequences.

Some quarters of the media and schools might wish to dwell in a dichotomous world of social media and non-social media. The rest of the world has moved on.

But just because you get it backwards does not mean that you have to live backwards. Move forwards and keep going that way.

I reflected on my reflection on palindromes and change.

In my previous reflection, I suggested that, in hindsight, change initiatives are coloured by our bias. The stories we tell might be quite different from what they actually are.

Video source

My subsequent reflection was prompted by this Rhett and Link video on YouTube.

To create this video, Rhett and Link had to begin with the end product in mind. They recorded (and edited) a video doing things backwards so that when played forwards it made some entertaining and unusual sense. They also recorded the process of making this video.

So here are some my takeaways on change management with ICT

  • It is critical to have a clear vision of what the goal state might be.
  • It is important to document the process and not just the plan. If you cannot document everything, then record the milestones.
  • You can have fun with change. It does not have to be stressful all the time.

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