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I have been a fan of Martha Payne’s food blog, NeverSeconds, since I learnt about it barely a month ago.

This enterprising and entertaining nine-year-old girl authored a blog that went viral after she started photographing, rating and commenting on her school cafeteria food.

As she gained attention from the media, she became a minor celebrity, met with celebrities, and raised funds for Mary’s Meals.

Because of Martha’s initiative and efforts, her school food improved, she helped the less fortunate, and she even got students and teachers from other parts of the world sharing their own food photos and ratings.

But her success was met with resistance from the Argyll and Bute Council, and Martha was forced to stop taking photos and stop blogging about the food.

The reaction to this was swift. As I type this, there are more than 1712 responses to the shutdown. Sites like CNET and Wired had a field day reporting the news.

My reaction to the blog shut down was not printable. When I calmed down, I wanted to know:

  • If the council had nothing to hide, why prevent her from taking pictures of the food?
  • If they thought that the representation is not fair, then why not make their stand by commenting in Martha’s blog or setting up their own channel?

Thankfully, the council has backed down and Wired documented this through a series of updates.

Reason does not always prevail. When it does not, good work in and via social media can apply pressure so that justice is served. So I borrow from Martha’s rating system:

Food-o-meter- 10 out of 10
Mouthfuls- I could barely swallow the initial news!
Courses- Starter, main, and dessert
Health Rating- 0 out of 10 (I almost had a heart attack!)
Price- Priceless news via Wired’s updates
Pieces of hair- There was a whole wig that came with the ban.

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