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This is a tweet that is designed to provoke thought.

It claims that what seems new in schooling or education is actually old.

It provoked me to say this: a) the first eight are variations on a theme, b) there are reasons why new is new, and c) the last two are not old or new; they are timeless.

The eight variations on a theme were about teaching from simple to complex or from concrete to abstract.

Such old principles are new when we find better labels for this sort of teaching. Such labels are results of rigorous research and critical practice.

The same might also reveal to the critical and reflective practitioner that learning in the wider world is not necessarily sequenced that way. The problems there are fuzzy and complex, as are the answers.

The most valuable perspectives from 1886 were the last two statements — independent learning based on ownership of processes and products.

Perhaps what is NOT surprising is how the relatively mundane and basics about teaching are numerous and repeated. But what is truly important and impactful in the long term are listed last.

Tomorrow's educational progress cannot be determined by yesterday's successful performance.

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