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It is that time of year to nominate other edubloggers for the Eddies. Nominations close tomorrow, 1 Dec.

My nomination for Best Individual Blog is Steve Wheeler’s Learning with ‘e’s. Steve is a thought leader whose entries are bound to probe and provoke. Great stuff!

My vote for Best Edtech/Resource Sharing Blog is Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne. Despite the rise of group blogs that try to do the same, I do not think that they come close to the regularity, integrity, and informativeness of Richard’s blog.

I would also nominate both for Lifetime Achievement in a heartbeat.

And despite a reduction in #edsg involvement, I nominate @tucksoon for Best Individual Tweeter for his role in being one of the godfathers of the #edsg community and probably having the largest following of educators in this part of the world.

Edublog Awards Logo by cx1uk, on Flickr
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My nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards are:

Here are my nominees for a few Edublog Awards 2011:

Here is how to nominate your favourites!

… to be nominated for Best elearning/Corporate Education Edublog!

I haven’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, but like the nominees of glam celeb events like to say, it’s an honour to have been nominated.

It’s a surprise to me that my blog is even listed because that is not why I blog. I am sure that many of the other bloggers and tweeters share the same sentiment. But it is a way for the edublogging and tweeting community to recognize the efforts of those who share what they love.

I’m guessing that @tucksoon made the initial nomination (Thank you, again!). He has been nominated in the best individual tweeter section and he has my vote!

News articles or Stomp entries like this crop up from time to time: Teachers blog and they get attention for the wrong reasons.

That is why I get my trainees to edu-blog. They are not only reflecting as they experience my course. Nor are they simply providing opportunities for informal learning and interaction. They must learn how to blog for teaching and learning, and they must learn how to blog responsibly when blogging as professionals.


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