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Teachers in Singapore tend to be, um, reticent about sharing their thoughts about emergency remote teaching during our COVID-19 lock down.

Thankfully, we have folks elsewhere who share openly and humorously.

Here is a teacher’s perspective of video conferencing with students.

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Here is another about being pushed too hard and so fast.

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This is yet another but from the parents point of view (jump ahead to the relevant segment).

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While all are scripted performances, they capture the spirit of what most of us are experiencing. They balance the honesty with the humour.

I detest people who put others down in order to lift themselves up. They do so because they are insecure about themselves.

Such people might seek reputation and will not hesitate to name drop. Perhaps they think that they will get someone else’s glory by association. It is important to know good people, but it is more important to be a good person and build your own self worth.

Others might seek status by artificially putting their counterparts down. Perhaps they think that their age or position automatically gives them authority. But as I pointed out yesterday, authority is not a sign of expertise.

These insecure folk are also not self-aware. This means they do not know that they rub people the wrong way nor know why people prefer not to work with them.

The tonic for dealing with this condition is regular doses of humble pie. The problem is that they do not know what it is or do not like its taste.

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There is a thin line between simplifying something and dumbing it down. We do both for kids and students, but I wonder if we know where the line is.

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This was a sweet video of a father trying to help his young son deal with the recent and terrible attacks in Paris. In trying to explain that flowers had power over guns, he simplified very complex societal and world issues.

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This is an entertaining video about rocket science without using words from rocket science. I think it makes a sneaky point that you can only dumb things down so far.

If we simplify to the point of dumbing down, we might be entertained, but we might not actually learn something useful.

It is easy to dumb down. It is not easy to simplify.


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I have one takeaway from this video.

Sometimes to see the same thing differently and to learn from the ordinary, you have to slow down (not speed up) with technology.

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