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I stubbed my toe last evening. When it started to swell and change colour, I opted to have it x-rayed at a hospital to make sure that it was not broken.

During our conversation, the doctor asked me for my occupation and I told him what I did. He looked surprised and said that I should have mentioned this earlier so that he would have addressed me differently.

It was my turn to be surprised. Did it really matter that I was a doctor albeit a different kind? Was there some special treatment from one kind of doctor to another? Given the number of foreign workers that frequented that hospital, how might he treat non-doctors?

I realized that I was getting ahead of myself. I opted to keep those thoughts in my head and just pointed out that I was like any ordinary guy. Ordinary enough to stub my toe.

But I was privileged.

I used the Internet to figure out where the nearest hospital was. I used my iPhone to help me get there. I brought my iPad along to monitor what my student teachers were doing for practicum, wade in my Twitter stream, respond to email, connect with someone new on Google+, and draft this blog entry.

I worked hard to be where I am and to be on the right side of the digital divide. But there were others who worked harder and were still on the wrong side of the divide. They were all around me in the waiting room. If their children did not get a good education, they were just as likely to be digital have-nots.

Even our own privileged Singapore kids can be have-nots because most schools still do not encourage or allow them to use their own computing devices in school. At least, not as pervasively as I imagine that they should.

I cannot decide which is worse. Having so little in terms of ICT and wanting to do so much. Or having so much and doing so little with it.

I realize that these are issues that drive me. I think I can help address both issues by influencing the teacher educators and teachers I come into contact with. All of us need to get our learners to meaningfully use however much ICT they have in their hands.

It all starts with some pain or knowing that something needs fixing. We have conversations and x-ray the issues so that they are as clear as possible. Then we take action and reflect on what we do.

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