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The video below scratches the surface, but it provides an example of how to leverage on popular culture to seed discussion.

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The panel explored a wide range of topics in law, psychology, economics, and politics. These stemmed from the “snappening” in Avengers: Infinity War.

Not only are such videos models of how one might conduct a class discussion of curricular content, I argue that they might be better than videos that teach content directly.

Videos created specifically for content do not and cannot cater for different contexts. They might also be designed to take the teacher out of the classroom equation.

On the other hand, videos that feature popular culture require an educator to actively shape the teaching and learning experiences. Used skilfully, such videos might highlight the inter and multi-disciplinary nature of issues and problems instead of presenting them in silos. Used strategically, such videos enable better teaching and learning while emphasising the importance of the teacher as facilitator.

Some teachers crave videos that do ALL the teaching for them. I can understand that as a human response to unburdening oneself.

Video source

Video source

But here is another strategy: Leveraging on videos that spark discussion. With enough creativity and critical thinking, an educator can weave just about anything — the Marvel comic universe, for example — into any subject. Here are just two examples on physics and philosophy.

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