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I applaud the group that is trying to connect differently-abled folk with inclusive employers.

I also wonder whether the creators of the video realise how they are excluding some viewers by blindly following a trend.

The trend is for some news organisations (like Now This News, the South China Morning Post, and even the BBC News) that place text descriptors over video. These are not subtitles. They are summaries or statements of main points in the video.

See the difference in the slideshow below — subtitles are transcriptions of speech; the other text is information not necessarily represented in video footage.

The text overlays are distinct from subtitles. Subtitles are a good thing for the hearing-impaired. The text overlays deny the visually-impaired because there is no audio equivalent. The trend of using text descriptors over video is exclusionary. This is sadly ironic given how the video highlights one example of being inclusive. 

Some of the folks in special needs and inclusive education already know this: You can focus on the disabilities or the abilities of your learners.

This is not just a philosophical shift in perspective. The shift can determine curricula, programmes, and resources.

Video source

Video source

More people need to be inducted into this more progressively oriented approach. Perhaps these two recent videos might pave the way by listening to the those with these abilities.

I found this video thanks to YouTube’s algorithm.

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The video features a blind and autistic performer who wowed the judges and audience at America’s Got Talent.

I plan on using it either at the start or the end a course I will be facilitating in a few month’s time. The course is about ICT for inclusive education and one item on my agendas is to focus more on edtech for abilities instead of disabilities. I hope that the video will help me make this point.


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