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There are many fallouts from local shared bike company’s (OBike’s) withdrawal from the market. The one that seems to concern users is the inability to get a refund of their deposit when they first signed up.

I am not sympathetic to those users because the company offered to return the deposits last November. I know because I was also a user of those shared bikes, made a S$49 deposit, and got it back when I read the notice.

You would need to have been illiterate, blind, or deaf to miss that message. The offer was made six months ago and they have had all this time to get their money back.

Even more serious than the inability to read, see, or hear the news is an indifferent mindset. We have only ourselves to blame if the warning signs were there, but we chose to ignore them.

Something similar could be said of teachers and constant change. Rarely does a policy or practice sneak up on you. If you cooperate, collaborate, and communicate, you should sense the changes coming. You can then prepare for them by changing behaviours in advance.

We cannot expect our children and students to be have “growth mindsets” or to exhibit “grit” if we ourselves do not possess these traits and model them.

Values are more CAUGHT than they are TAUGHT.

If you have been (un)fortunate to receive my out-of-office automated email response, you know that I start with “I’m not deaf, I’m ignoring you.”

Now here is a message that instructors, particularly those that rely on lecturing, should not ignore: Students do not ignore you because they have technology. They ignore you because you are boring them.

If some people do not want to listen to or interact with other people, they will find something else to do.

The tweet above is funny because it is true. Before phones got our rapt attention, people focused on their needlework, newspapers, sketchpads, or anything remotely more interesting.

If a task is mundane or not meaningful, people will avoid it and find something more worthwhile to do.

If the people are students, they are not necessarily being anti-social or disrespectful. They quickly make value judgements. They decide if what you have to offer is worth their time and effort. If it is not, they are not pretending to be deaf. They are just ignoring you.

Are you deaf to their call or my message? Or do you choose to ignore us?

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