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I had some other thoughts after reading Ito’s interview, What Exactly Can You Learn on a Mobile Phone? Part II.

Ito mentioned three opportunities for learning:

  • information access
  • social connection and peer learning
  • expression and creative production

Ito noted that mobile phones were quite capable of facilitating the first two processes. I agree. She also said that they were not quite so capable for content creation, at least not the type we were used to in daily PC use. On this I have a mixed bag of thoughts.

I still prefer to blog with my laptop instead of my iPad or iPhone. But if I am so inspired while on a bus or as I am about to sleep, I reach for a small, instant-on device.

But my bias lies in the fact I have experienced computer versions of the apps first. That coloured my views and shaped my experiences. If I only had the app experiences, I’d not know better or worse. Just look at how many kids try to tap non-touchscreen LCDs! For some slightly older users, Facebook and Twitter are entirely mobile.

These devices and their apps are getting more powerful. I recall a reviewer claiming that GarageBand on the iPad was a better experience than on a proper Mac. I have found the Posterous and WordPress iOS apps to be fairly capable alternatives to the full web tools.

Smartphone apps are powerful in their own right. With Vimeo you can shoot, edit and upload videos. With foursquare you can indicate where you are, snap and share photos and comment about a place. You might brainstorm or manage a project with online stickies from Lino. You can share and curate with Twitter.

Let’s not forget the assortment of photo editing, enhancing and sharing apps. I have 12 on my device and these include Genius Scan, iTimeLapse, Labelbox, Photogram, Photosynth and PS Express.

Move to a larger screen and you have various drawing and mapping apps like DukePen, Jot! Free, Popplet, and shared whiteboard tools like ShowMe.

So, yes, co-editing even the simplest Google Doc or a wiki page is not convenient or possible now. But mobile apps open paths for adventurous educators to explore and for learners of all ages to create.

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