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As well intentioned as this tweet is, its brevity does not allow for caveats or elaborations.

When wisdoms are distilled into 140, or now, 280 characters, they hide the thought processes that generate them. They also create potential misconceptions. I address just two of the latter.

While it is true that the issue is not consumption vs creation, far too many learners still spend far too much time at the consumption end of the continuum.

This creates more problems in teaching, e.g., teachers trying to engage their students by getting them to consume what they present instead of empowering students to create.

Emphasising curation is not wrong, but this is nowhere near as important as content creation. Curation is mostly collating the work of other; creation is making your own.

If no one creates, what is there to curate? We should not just depend on the goodwill and effort of others. We should make and share openly and responsibly.

I used to remove some of my “followers” on Twitter. Now I block them ever since Twitter made changes to its site. It’s like culling crows.

Removing them reduces my follower count, but I do this because:

  1. Not all followers are authentic. Some are bots, some are spammers, some follow me thinking I am some other “ashley”.
  2. Some folks might refer to my list of followers for ideas on who else to follow. I do not want to mislead them. I only wish to share with a PLN of forward-thinking educators and other stakeholders who might push pedagogy.

Doing this takes a fair bit of effort. It is easy to process and consume large volumes of information everyday. It is much harder to curate, but I think that it’s worth the effort.

Here are the tools I have used for culling/blocking, in order of preference:

  1. site: once at your list of followers, it takes 2 clicks to block someone
  2. Tweetdeck in Chrome: 2 clicks to block, but occasionally suffers from API errors
  3. Twitbird Pro mobile app: It takes 3 taps to block
  4. Tweetdeck client: 2 clicks to block, but suffers from API errors
  5. Twitter app on iPad: It takes 4 or 5 taps to block
  6. Twitter app on iPhone: It takes 6 taps to block

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