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Yellow + blue = green thumbs #tiongbahru

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Today I reflect on a photo I took during a short jaunt to the Tiong Bahru area.

I spotted this eye-catching exterior near a bakery and took a few snapshots. The closeup provides less detail, but more focus. The wider shot provides more context, but it is busier.

The same could be said about implementing change or learning something new. Diving deep provides focus, but we might ignore other important details. However, trying to take everything in might leave you paralysed on what to start with.

The trick is to skilfully and strategically use both. How and when to do this takes experience honed by failed attempts and reflective practice.

One of my pet peeves is how some folks assume that when they are teaching that their audience is learning.

Teaching and learning are separate phenomena. One can teach but the others may not learn. One can learn without someone else teaching something.

Video source

So even though I get where the video above is coming from, I fear that there is still some confusion between teaching and learning.

If you listen carefully and think critically you might realize that the structured “explicit learning” is refers to forms of structured instruction.

The other problem I have with such a framework is the assumption that the type of learning is hierarchical, i.e., in order to apply, one must have structured instruction first. This might be true if you are training workers who are in a production line for pharmaceutical or iPad production.

But this is not necessarily true if you are learning to ride a bike, getting used to a new video game, or solving a complex problem.

Finally, it is not clear to me why this hierarchy applies to online learning. The framework seems to mirror what happens offline. Furthermore, online learning is an opportunity to break out of norms and restrictions. Why limit ourselves to what happens offline?

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