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Thanks to a recommendation by Martin Weller, the Ed Techie, I have discovered two more nifty tools.

OpenZine allows users to create a blogzine. OpenZine outlines its purpose below:

aMap is a very promising tool. It allows users to create ARGUMENTATIVE concept or mind maps like the one on cutting technology costs while improving education. Or the one on whether Batman is better than Superman.

Just discovered another collaborative writing tool, MixedInk. See the demo video below.

What distinguishes it from the rest?

  1. You can set a time limit for a common writing task.
  2. Writers can rate the documents so that the most useful or popular ones rise to the top.
  3. You can easily take the best bits of other writers and include them in your own document.

Any final product is ultimately a collaborative piece and the practice turns the issue of plagiarism on its head! You are encouraged to copy, but you acknowledge your sources and the document is free for others to pick from under the creative commons licence.

Click to see all the nominees!

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