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Today I share another part of my series on informal and emergent learning with Minecraft. This episode focuses on opportunities for connecting and collaborating with other players.

This video is different in a few ways.

First, instead of presenting it as one continuous video, there are a total of five smaller parts (including the introduction above).

Second, this video was a combination of videos recorded and edited over a few weekends. I typically try one-take wonders because they are easier to edit. But the new version of iMovie in Mac OS Maverick is more usable than the previous version so I am flexing a little post-production muscle.

Third, this video does not include the usual CeL-Ed lead-in and lead-out video segments. This is to prevent confusion when selecting which parts to watch.

I recommend watching the videos on a desktop or laptop web browser so that you can click on hotspots. But I provide links to the video segments in the video descriptions in YouTube should you be on a more mobile device.

Video source

When I was researching statistics on Wikipedia last year for my book chapter on wikis, there were 10 million articles on Wikipedia in 260 languages. Today, there are 15 million articles in 270 languages. All thanks to these “weird” and wonderful Wikipedians!

It is creating, critiquing, connecting and collaborating at its best! So enjoy this tongue-in-cheek look at Wikipedians from an insider.


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