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Video source

I shot this video in early August. It was for an ex-colleague who had finally decided to retire.

I practised some basics: Take advantage of cloudy weather, record in an environment relatively free from ambient noise, and look into the camera lens. I had also mentally scripted what I wanted to say because there is only so much rambling anyone can take.

It is not the most visually flattering video because I had to hold my phone at arm’s length and the camera was able to pick up grey hairs and wrinkles. But I meant every word. The medium may be the message, but the message is still core.

Video source

Choo is CeL’s Technical-Admin while Niko is a Video Content Developer.

Choo and Niko are standing in for Uncle Chee as he was unwell leading up to the video series. (Do not worry, Chee is better now.)

Choo and Niko will lead us into the weekend with fun tips on video-related edtech. Both of them are a bit camera shy, but their screen alter egos are as entertaining as they are!

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