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Ah, a truth of modern life.

As usual, I link the tweeted observation to how we learn.

Imagine a chair where you learn in a classroom. Now picture a throne where you learn outside it.

There are other chairs, of course. But a question remains: If these are the chairs for learning, how do we teach and educate those that sit upon them effectively?

We have theories and principles about classroom chairs, but how much transfers and applies to bathroom thrones?

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Some folks think that this video (Facebook’s ad that describes itself as being like chairs) is a bit odd.

Perhaps they cannot connect with what Facebook is trying to say. Perhaps Facebook’s message is too cheem.

Perhaps they need something they can relate better to. Perhaps Facebook is more like a toilet.

Video source

Warning: Literal toilet humour. Folks who do not like watching other people on toilets and mild four letter words should not watch at work or in the company of others.

Watch it alone. Laugh. Then post it on Facebook.

Also, think about what connects with your learners.

Rocking chairs at Boston airport by mafrawa, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  mafrawa 

This time of year normally sees a “lull” in academic activity. The campus becomes a bit quieter and folks reward themselves with some rest. But things have not slowed down as much at the CeL’s end.

There are still a few courses being run on an inter-semester basis and we support those. We are also organizing staff sharing sessions, technical workshops as follow-ups to the sharing, mass hands on sessions with graduating teachers, mass briefings for new student teachers, etc.

So we are busy, busy, busy. But I think that it is the good sort of busy because we are getting things done.

Not like the administrative sort of busy. That sort of work is like being in a rocking chair: You put in effort but you get nowhere!

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